Clearly Mr. Blechman has tremendous experience as an athlete, coach, therapist and teacher. His multi-faceted curriculum enthusiasm for material, and cheerful disposition all contributed to a highly effective and enjoyable CE experience.
Lucas Seipp-Williams, CHAC, CMT
Sam is one of the greatest continuing education instructors around. He knows his material, application and how to tech!! This was a wonderful experience.
Trisha Smith
This was an exceptionally helpful day. The small size group and the individual instruction was wonderful. Samuel answered every question without making anyone feel unprepared or embarrassed.
Sandy Greene
The only thing I could ask for would be more time. Samuel was AWESOME and I feel like I got a lot of good useful info to do sport massage. It seemed like so much info in such little time. More time to train under Mr. Blechman would be wonderful.
Andie Lesondak
The teacher was very informative, covered all aspects of sports massage. Samuel made class fun and interesting. I would like to take other classes with him.
Jan Sanborn



Students will learn: techniques that facilitate fluids flow, exchange, neurological, physiological, and physical principals to influence movement of fluid.
Protocol applications to eliminate or reduce edema, bruises, eliminate toxins, increase or decrease blood pressure, increase joint mobility, decrease arthritic pain, maintain cartilage regeneration, prevent development of arthritis and more.
Review related anatomy and physiolog.
Modifications of fluid technique for athletes, elderly people, clients with hypertension and others
Students will be actively involved in hands on practice. Please dress comfortably, prepare to work in different furnishing. Bring sheets, pillowcases and towels for practice.Register Now